Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This must be a rhetorical headline: Detroit Free Press - How to avoid state seat belt crackdown

Umm, how about the blindingly obvious -- Wear your seatbelt?

Kind of self answering don't you think?

Apparently this is noted by the Detroit Free Press seatbelt inspection enforcement / checkpoint week in Michigan.

I saw one such zone this morning on Orchard Lake by Telegraph on the way to court this morning. Other than really slowing traffic by having a nice sign up saying "Seatbelt Enforcement Zone" (as if you don't have to wear them elsewhere)and an officer standing outside his patrol car diligently looking into everyone's window and presumably radioing seatbelt scofflaws to officers further up the way, it wasn't all that much.

Given that wearing a seatbelt is a major life saving device it only makes sense to wear it when you're driving, not to mention its required - outside the seatbelt enforcement zones and within.

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