Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend - Monday Parade

Memorial Day is of course to recognize the sacrifices of our soldiers. Originally called Decoration Day so called to appeal to people to decorate the graves of civil war soldiers with flowers to commemorate their sacrifice to both preserve the Union and end slavery, its now to remember the sacrifices of our troops in all the wars, that, and now a reason for a long weekend to mark the start of summer.

Every year Keego Harbor has a Memorial Day parade on Orchard Lake Road. It's a slice of small-town patriotic Americana, and a lot of fun.

The kids were given little American flags to wave and the parade went by and it began with two Police cars with their lights and sirens on leading the way:

In addition to the vehicles and people pictured above, A variety of classic cars, marching bands, boy and girl scouts and a variety of businesses joined the parade, throwing candy to the kids and handing out coupons.

One sad sign was a lack of any auto dealers in the parade.

A worse sign as to the state of the US Auto industry was this:

Yes, that was Uncle Sam in a Porsche and Lady Liberty in a BMW. Looks like this year was the Memorial Day to commemorate the American Car industry.

It was a fun parade and the kids had a great time, along with a lot of neighbors that met at the parade to watch it go by. A very happy, well mannered, crowd at a nice family-friendly event.

Not a bad way to end the Memorial Day weekend.

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