Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend - Sunday shopping, cleaning and BBQ

Sunday started as usual but with more emphasis on cleaning as friends were coming over for our memorial weekend grilling.

So I went shopping with the girls.

First to Walmart, when amazing enough there actually was some 40 S&W ammo available for sale. I bought 5 boxes which I'll shoot up in short order with two reserved for my friend Rob. Walmart is limiting purchases to 6 boxes and i should have bought a full six as they were sold out within the hour. Still no 9mm ammunition however.

Abby had saved up her chore money, tooth fairy money and every other dime she could scrounge so she could buy a Polly Pocket doll set she had picked out. She was very proud that she had $7 (we won't mention it cost 10, you have to credit her for saving up for it).

We then bought some flowers to be planted at the front of the house and the kids got to pick -- of course both girls picked pink and white flowers. The we bought play sand, also pink. All I'm saying is I am glad Walmart had some ammo to buy, ok?

Walmart also had an interesting new Pepsi product - Pepsi Throwback. It's Pepsi made with sugar rather than high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) sweetener.

It does taste lots better than the HFCS sweetened pop (and its supposedly "better" for you than HFCS anyways, hopefully we'll see Coke retro sometime soon too. Good on Pepsi for bringing it out as it is better tasting.

Then we prepared for our firends arrival - soaking the corn on the cob in the husk before grilling it, cleaning the patio furniture and preparing to burn up other people's carbon offsets.

Oh yes, there was carbon produced to be offset when delicious hot dogs, freshly grilled corn and other grilling delectables were prepared. Good times with good friends followed, then to the beach with the kids to splash around followed by a healthy fruit dessert and a not so healthy but real good cheesecake.

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