Thursday, May 14, 2009

Obama's cunning plan to balance the budget by appointment only

As noted by RightMichigan, one of the possible reasons Michigan's own Governor Granholm is being considered for a Supreme Court seat is her failure to pay some of her taxes.

Of course, hers is a $20,000 tax lien and an $800 tax lien which is relatively small compared to some of the scofflaws Obama has appointed to high positons such as Secretary of the Treasurer Geitner at $34,000 or Daschle with $120,000.

Of course as these scofflaws are named they end up paying their taxes thereby helping the Treasury and reducing the tax burden on ordinary Americans who do pay their taxes . . . Brilliant! On the other hand, all of these back taxes don't even add up to even a tenth of a percent of all the spending Obama has been doing, but some revenue in is better than none.

it looks like if you get an invite from the Obama administration to join the team, you better be ready to get your checkbook out to payoff your outstanding tax liabiities.

The scary part is we could, and probably will, do a lot worse than having Granholm on the Supreme Court. Let me explain.

Yes for a hot button issue like abortion she will not be on the side of conservatives, as if any Obama nominee would be - they will assuredly not.

Granholm as Attorney General and Governor has at least been decent on the firearms issue, given her AG opinions that read like simply following and honestly interpreting the law rather than allowing liberal preferences to sway and distort her rulings and hose firearms owners, so she's likely better on that issue than most nominees Obama may come up with. Her record as AG was relatively decent, her record as Governor, not so good. Michigan has been sinking into the mire on her watch and her policies have helped it sink further and farther into what is now a one-state deprssion rahter than turingin the state around.

Yes, Granholm is all about big government, big spending and big taxes and without a doubt she'll be a reliable vote on the Court for government expansion regardless of constitutional limits and we'd expect nothing less from any such nominee.

The sad thing is we will probably suffer an even worse pick than Granholm as Obama's choice on the Supreme Court.

My bet is she gets passed over for the Supreme Court seat and Obama slides her into a nice Federal Circuit Court of Appeals Judgeship. My prediction, he wants both a woman and minority to fill the slot in twofer-de-force so my bet is he nominates Sonia Sotomayor unless some serious skeletons come rattling out of her closet (unpaid taxes will not count as a skeleton however).

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Anonymous said...

You missed one.

I see at least two Gay females being considered for the Supreme Court.

If Obama can find an opnly Lesbian minority he will get the grand prize- three-fer