Thursday, May 14, 2009

Note to Lagniappe's Keeper - Glocks Rock

Lagniappe's Keeper in his post Glocks....Why? notably fails to understand the appeal and allure of the Glock pistol, even as he has had two for quite some time and carries one quite often.

Clean, straight lines, simple ergonomic design, easy to field strip and clean, rock-solid reliable. Consistent trigger. Accurate. No need to tart it up or add silly frills, it just works, right out of the box.

It fills the hand with an ideal grip position for rapid follow up shots, and can be carried all day without having you walk lopsided.

A modern pistol, for the modern man and woman at arms.

Conservative in its simplicity, plain talking and understated in its approach to getting the job done, no flash or bragging required. It has a quiet soul born of tenifer-treated steel and hi-tech polymer.

Oh and you can buy two of them plus ammo and magazines for what you'd pay for a reliable 1911, and three of them for what you'd pay for a P13.

Comparing it to the HK P7 / P13, lets not even talk about price, spare parts or availability of night sights (good luck on getting some for the P7), just dimensions:

The P7 and P13
Weight 27.6 oz / 30 oz for P13
Length 6.5 inches
Width 1.1 inches / P13 is 1.3
Height 5.1 / 5.3 inches
Capacity 8+1 / 13+1

The Glock 19
Weight 21 oz
Length 6.85 inches
Width 1.18
Height 5
Capacity 15+1

So in a pistol practically the same size and with a lighter weight it holds 16 rounds compared to 9 in a P7 of almost the same width, or 16 to 14 in the P13, but a fair bit thinner than the 13.

As for P7 light sabers (and nothing against them after all I own one and respect it as a great example of German 1970s technology) and 1911s (yep own one of them too), all I need to say is:

"Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good Glock at your side, kid"

Begun the pistol flame wars they have.


Murphy's Law said...

When speed and accuracy matter, that Glock will still fall far behind the P7 with it's consistent match-grade single-action trigger.

Plus the P7 just has that "cool factor" going for it. Hans Gruber, villian in the first "Die Hard" movie, carried a P7. Glocks are only fit to be carried by thugs who rob gas stations and convenience stores...oh--and police officers who really have no say in deciding what weapons that their departments issue.

Glocks are ok, but so are Chevys. Why drive a Chevy if you can drive a Porsche?

Aaron said...

I need hardly point out that Gruber DIED in the movie and lost...probably ran out of ammo in his limited capacity yet snazzy P7.....