Friday, May 08, 2009

Ammo Shortages beginning to be a real pain

One that's even being noticed in the news: The Detroit News - It's a shot in dark to find bullets as fears feed ammo shortage
Worsening economic times, fear of crime and concern that Democrats will tighten gun-control laws have led to an explosion of firearm sales and a shortage of ammunition in Michigan and the nation.

Gun and bullet sales started creeping up before the November election. They've escalated since, as many gun owners and would-be owners worry President Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress will re-establish the 1994-2004 so-called assault rifle ban and levies on ammunition.

Organizations representing gun owners and the gun industry say the fears are valid. Others say concerns are unfounded and the hoarding is the result of a miasma brought on by fear and people looking to make a quick buck if gun-control laws are tightened.
Trying to find even common ammunition such as 9mm and 40 S&W is very difficult in this area, with most shops sold out and my go to store for purchasing these two calibers - Wal mart, has been quite completely out. Very annoying as I'm now eating into my ammo reserves just to go shoot for practice or for when I teach a class.

Hopefully supply will catch up to demand soon. it would of course help if the Department of State, or Commerce or whoever would expedite applications for imports of ammunition to help alleviate the shortage, but somehow I don't believe the curent administration is too interested in fixing this particular problem.

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Scott said...

Not just loaded ammo, but reloading components too! Primers and bullets are as rare as a democrat-sponsored tax cut.