Thursday, May 21, 2009

Libertarians who Voted for Obama

And how has that decision been working out for you recently dear Obama-Libertarians??

Over at the Volokh Conspiracy, David Bernstein has a post on Libertarians and Obama. Fun comments ensue, including those form Libertarians that still posit that Obama is still a great choice for libertarians.

Unless you're a libertarian of the ideologial persuasion that the only way to reform the system and restore individual liberty is to have it come crashing down (It is true that Obama is doing a great job destroying America, no doubt about that), I don't think Obama can be construed in any way to be a libertarian choice.

It must have been hard to be so willfully ignorant during the campaign season, but come on, the blinders must have fallen off by now right? Right?

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skh.pcola said...

We'll look back upon these times as a harbinger of things to come, when we're old and we're wondering what happened to the American Dream. Contemporary liberal socialists will be the root of our downfall into a Euroweenie-style commune. We can't do anything about it because there are too many freeloaders who are able to vote due to corrupt organizations such as ACORN.

Mark these days. They will be known as the Good Ol' Days in 20 years. I guarantee it.