Sunday, June 16, 2019

Father's Day 2019

Father's Day was off to a rather rainy start.

Leah and Natasha were out of town so it was up to Abby to wish me a happy Father's Day.

She did so, and even walked the dog which is my typical duty, which was nice. I also called my dad and wished him the best of the day as well.

Then she made me breakfast:

Then there were some presents:

Yes, the socks are a gag gift. The Two Left Feet brand may refer to my dancing skills, but girls do think it's hilarious to have their dad wear pink socks with green toecaps and diamonds on them, go figure.

After that I got to work on the ribs I had prepared and covered in a rub the night before and got the smoker going.

There was quite a bit of rain going on.

The chorus from Singing Smoking In The Rain was heard.

But with all that I got the smoker going and then did some stuff around the house, including working on a project I'll blog about later when its done, and after about 3 hours on the smoker I tucked the ribs into the oven covered them in foil and with some water and apple cider vinegar to keep them company, at 225 degrees for awhile.

Then Abby drove me to lunch which didn't cause any coronary health checks, even as we drove through a roundabout that happens to be declared Michigan's most dangerous intersection. The kid did good.

Then she drove me as we did some errands and shopping for the house, including through the same roundabout again, then back home.

Leah and Tash soon arrived and we had dinner.

The ribs came out great.

So good they didn't even need a sauce, but there was sauce for those who wanted to add it.

I had mine with a Moosehead lager I had brought in the duty free store when I came back from last weekend's Toronto trip. A rather perfect pairing.

An excellent dessert followed, and then a nice long night drive with Abby just to have her drive around in the dark for awhile to get some hours in. She's certainly improved in quite a short time.

It was an excellent Father's Day indeed.

I hope all you dads out there had a great Father's Day day as well.

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