Friday, April 28, 2017

20th Annual Firearms Law Seminar - Judge Dietz on Attorney Ethics

Judge Dietz of the North Carolina Court of Appeals spoke about legal ethics and ethical pitfalls.

I now that many people don't think the words ethics and lawyers should even be spoken in the same sentence, but we good lawyers do indeed have ethics and have to hew to the ethical rules of our profession.

He had argued the Abramski v US case among others.

He began his presentation by having the attendees go over some hypothetical ethics scenarios - one of which makes me glad I'm not in a large law firm any longer.

A good review of ethical rules, many of which are not considered by attorneys in day to day activities. One of the biggest malpractice pitfalls has to do with appeals and attorneys need to be very careful about the appellate filing deadline and notifying the client of same even if you have already stated you would not represent them during an appeal.

Certainly lots of good food for thought about multiple scenarios that an attorney can encounter and learn to either handle in the proper manner or avoid outright.

Judge Dietz is an excellent and engaging speaker in perhaps the hardest slot of a seminar (the slot right after lunch is the second hardest) - right at the end before the cocktail reception.

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