Saturday, July 02, 2016

Flying Lesson #63 - Performance Landings And Takeoffs

Today was a pattern day. Ray decided we should be really working on my landings and I certainly agreed.

I started the departure with a short field takeoff, and then did a short field landing.

Then Ray had me do a couple soft field takeoffs which were fun as always, on the first one I wasn't pushing forward far enough in ground effect but I cleaned that up on the second soft field takeoff. Then he had me do a few more short field landings with Ray changing the touchdown point each time.

Then we moved on to soft field landings and then finished up with a few no flap forward slip to land landings.

Lots to work on but all of them were substantially better than my last landing, so there's that.

That's 1.3 and 15 landings.


jon spencer said...

Did you see this article?
Evidently the engine dropped a valve into a piston.

Aaron said...

jon: Thanks I did not see that before. Must have been quite an unsettling experience. She seems to have handled it well and walked away from it which is all that matters.