Friday, July 06, 2012

Fireworks Legalized In Michigan - State Doesn't End

After all the predictions of doom that would result from the legalizing fun fireworks the net result in injuries, death and destruction as compared to alst year is:

No Change.

The Detroit Free Press: Revamped fireworks law doesn't ignite spike in injuries

The change in state law allowing more powerful pyrotechnics didn't bring an overall surge in fireworks-related injuries on the Fourth of July in metro Detroit. For the most part, hospitals reported that injuries were normal for this time of year. Public safety officials also reported an average number of police and fire runs.

Wow. Michigan residents can be trusted with the same fireworks that are legal in our neighboring states.

Who would have guessed?

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Scott said...

I read all the accounts of the increase in noise levels in the neighborhoods, and frankly I don't see it. It's just as noisy in my neighborhood as it ever is during the holiday. It starts a week before and goes on until a week after when the fireworks stores are all sold out.

I would say that the press is sensationalizing this issue, but they would never do that, would they?