Wednesday, May 23, 2012

High-Velocity Lead Poisoning Now A Natural Cause of Death In Detroit

The Detroit Free Press: Mortician discovers gunshot wound in body after man's death ruled natural

The things people do to reduce the reported number of murders in the big city.

Detroit police and EMS workers said Leslie Brooks died of natural causes during the weekend. But when his body arrived at a funeral home, the mortician saw it differently.

As she prepared to embalm the 59-year-old Brooks on Saturday morning, mortician Gail Washington peered at a small burned area on his skin, right above his heart. Her assistants had pointed it out, and Washington now agreed: This was no natural death.

You've got to hate it when an oversight like that happens.

Apparently there was an embarrassing confluence of events: Inspector Clouseau was in charge of the investigation and the medical examiner on duty sure wasn't Quincy, M.E.


ProudHillbilly said...

Seem to remember that someone found sans head was ruled to have died of natural causes when Bubba Clinton was governor of AK. Said headless person just happened to be a Clinton opponent.

Aaron said...

Pretty unlikely in this case, the guy allegedly owed some very not-nice people some money.

Far easier and more likely to attribute this oversight to stupidity rather than malice.