Tuesday, May 03, 2011

You Just Can't Make Every Islamist Happy....

The Detroit Free Press: Bin Laden's burial at sea criticized by metro Detroit [Muslim] funeral home operators


The Detroit Free Press: Islamic scholars criticize bin Laden's sea burial

Yeesh, the Obama administration and the US Military cater to Islamics and bend over backwards to ensure Osama gets buried in an Islamic fashion and all they get are complaints. My preference for his head on a pike is looking better by comparison - give 'em something worth complaining about.

One example of these complaints:

Clerics in Iraq — where an offshoot of al-Qaida is blamed for the death of thousands of people since 2003 — also criticized the U.S. action. One said it only benefited fish.

"If a man dies on a ship that is a long distance from land, then the dead man should be buried at the sea," said Shi'ite cleric Ibrahim al-Jabari. "But if he dies on land, then he should be buried in the ground, not to be thrown into the sea. Otherwise, this would be only inviting fish to a banquet."
And the problem with that is? After all turingin him into fish food makes him 1000% more valuable to the world than he was prior to his demise.

Another complains that cotton wasn't stuffed up his orifices:
After Rahman was told that authorities feared that bin Laden's grave would become a shrine, she said, "That has nothing to do with God. They should have buried him."

Under Islamic law, the body has to be washed, all the orifices are stuffed with cotton, and then the body is wrapped in cotton sheets, Rahman said. The body is laid in the casket on its back with the head facing toward Mecca.
Instead of cotton he received some copper-coated lead in his orifices, and that kind of deposit, worth far more than cotton, has got to be worth something.

Not to mention there's just tons of unhappy islamists in the world today, which certainly confirms that the world is a much better place without bin Laden in it.

Update: Well that's a relief, via Instapundit, Frank J. Fleming notes that Osama Was Shot in Accordance with Islamic Tradition. Nicely done.

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Scott said...

Would you lean the head toward Mecca while it was on the pike? As a gesture of respect, of course.