Friday, March 11, 2011

Colorado Senators Block Bill Banning Welfare Recipients From Using Their Welfare Cash Cards In Strip Clubs

The Denver Post: Panel kills bill that would have barred strip club ATM withdrawals

A panel of Senators killed the bill that would have prevented the use of the Welfare ATM cards in strip clubs because it would stereotype how welfare recipients who go into strip clubs and withdraw money there would use the money.

Yes, really, that was the argument.

You can't cut down on your constituent's access to pubic entertainment on the public dime after all.

According to the article, it was already illegal to use the cards in liquor stores, betting establishments and gun stores, and it probably would have made sense to add strip joints to the mix.

However, the article notes the law is not enforced competently in any case which possibly would have made this ban mere symbolism. For example, between April to June 2010, there were 423 instances with a total of $40,000 withdrawn from the welfare cards ATMs at casinos.

Can we take a gamble and bet on how that withdrawn money was used?

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