Monday, July 11, 2005

London and Dearborn

As reported in The Detorit News Story London's inability to halt terrorists worries allies

Radical members of London's large Muslim population have been linked to a series of plots, including the Sept. 11 attacks, the attempted shoe-bombing of a transatlantic flight to Miami in December 2001 and last year's deadly train bombings in Madrid, Spain.

The article also reports on the folly of paying the danegeld:
Abu Hamza al Masri, who openly celebrated the destruction of the World Trade Center and preached hatred of the West from the Finsbury Park mosque -- all while living on social welfare payments.
Interestingly, this tolerance seems to have been official British policy:
Before last week, Britain's accommodation of radical Muslims had been seen by some as a source of protection -- a belief that radical imams would not encourage violence against a country that allowed them to live in peace.
This tolerance of the islamists in their midst, and even the generous dole payments given to them certainly did not provide the British with any security from this threat.
Britain's approximately 2 million Muslims represent 4 percent of the country's population. The vast majority live in its capital city, earning it the derisive nickname Londonistan. Only a small fraction of the nation's Muslims are considered radical, but even so, British counter-terrorism officials say the number of al-Qaida sympathizers exceeds 10,000.
This does not bode well for Britain, and the similarly large concentration of Islamists in the Detroit area should certainly raise an alarm as we contend with our very own "Dearbornistan", especially with Detroit hosting both the All-Star game and the Superbowl.

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