Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Voted...and the countdown begins

Just voted this morning here in Michigan

In my precinct the total time to vote, from finding a parking space to filling out the id sheet, receiving a ballot, voting and thence out the door was just about one and a half hours.

Strangely enough, the precinct beside ours, held in the same school gym had a light turn-out with virtually no waiting. Not to say that precinct isn't civic minded but still...

Saw one mistake committed by a poll worker in highlighting the wrong name on the voting list...caused a bit of a stir from her fellow workers along the lines of "what do we do now?" They decided to write a note beside the highlihgt that it was a mistake and the person hadn't voted.

The poll people seemed to take their jobs seriously, were friendly and reasonably efficient (except for the guy running line A-L that I was stuck in - he was the winer of the Abominable Slowman contest, but heck he was trying his best so we'll give him that).

Hopefully all of Michigan will run as smoothly but I have my doubts, especially in the precints of the City of Detroit. Sadly, in Michigan, photo ID cannot be demanded of the prospective voter unless it is their first time voting and they registered by mail . . . that needs to be changed.

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