Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Dearborn Heights wants to recognize Islam and Islamic Holy Days

From The Detroit News: Resolution on Islam Questioned

A City Council member is offering a resolution to recognize Islam and Muslim holy days, but critics questioned the timing and merit of his proposal.

City Councilman Robert Constan says that his resolution, which could be considered as early as tonight by the City Council, is intended to foster unity.

“There has been a lot of bad press about the Islamic faith and some extremists in the Islamic faith, and this was to sort of say that the Islamic faith is a faith of peace,” Constan said. Ah, the ROP Kool-Aid strikes again. Nevermind that the council never seems to have previously passed a "Christianity is a religion of peace, or Judaism, or even Buddhism for that matter.

But look who is opposed:

But Nasser Beydoun, executive director of the American-Arab Chamber of Commerce.. said “He is providing a resolution that is recognizing Islam, but we really don’t need the Dearborn Heights City Council to recognize Islam,” Beydoun said..

Apparently Constan is making this resolution to make amends (or perhaps appease, nay perhaps capitulate) to the Islamic community for his past 'transgression' against them. Apparently, during the City Council campaign one of his advisers had the audacity to poll residents asking if they were aware that some candidates were of Arab descent and that one was Muslim.

Apparently he's learned his lesson like a good dhimmi and is now pushing the religion of peace angle.

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