Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Iranian uprising should be supported by the United States

It seems an uprising against the mad mullahs of Iran could begin at any time. Already demonstrations and sporadic fights have broken out as reported at National Review Online and Vodkapundit .

The US should support this popular uprising against the Ayatollahs either covertly or overtly. Such support is in the United State's interests for the following reasons:

1. Iran is an avowed enemy of the united States.

2. Iran is a supporter and sponsor of terrorism. Defeat of the current dictatorship will lead to a cessation of the Iranians support for Hezbollah and other terrorist groups, making Americans safer.

3. The defeat of the fundamentalists in Iran and the implementation of a democracy will continue the implementation of the Bush doctrine in the Middle East. This will continue the work begun in Iraq and will help shape the Middle East.

4. The Iranian government is supporting attackers in Iraq. A defeat of the Ayatollahs will help stabilize Iraq.

5. The Iranians are clearly working toward acquiring nuclear weapons. So stopping them before they have them would certainly be in our national interest.

6. Removing the dictator's in Iran from power removes any pretense for the Saudis. We no longer would need to blindly protect their corrupt, Anti-American regime from an Iranian threat.

We should support this uprising in all possible ways. If we cannot directly support it by an invasion, we should use Special Forces to assist the Iranian people in their uprising.

At the very least we should drop thousands of radios and weapons to the Iranians, as we did in World War II when we parachuted in FP45 Liberator pistols to arm resistance fighters against the Nazis.

Just imagine the look on the Revolutionary Guards thugs' faces when they come to beat up on what they would expect to be defenseless unarmed demonstrators only to be shot down by them.

The US has a chance here to gain the gratefulness of the people of Iran by assisting them in their fight for freedom from the Islamists. We shouldn't lose this opportunity.

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