Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Why Do Anti-Gun People Hate Women, Or So What Additional Law Would Have Stopped Him?

The scum that shot his wife, a teacher in San Bernadino yesterday along with hititng two students had prior convictions for domestic violence, drugs and weapons charges.

So, let's see how many laws he broke:

Federal felon/prohibited person in possession law, a felony.

Federal Gun Free School Zone Act - possession of a firearm in a school zone - a felony.

Federal Gun Free School Zone Act - discharging a firearm in a school zone - a felony.

California's felon with a firearm prohibition -Penal Code 29800 PC California's "felon with a firearm" law, another felony.

California's Gun Free School Zone Act - a felony.

California's carrying a loaded weapon in public statute - a felony as he had already committed a felony.

California's concealed carry law based on how he transported the firearm and then took it into the school - another felony violation.

Don't forget California's penalty for discharging a firearm in a Gun Free School Zone - another felony.

He also violated California's law against using a firearm against school employees, a wobbler but probably a felony in this case.

That's 9, count 'em, 9 felonies already and we haven't even looked at California ammunition transport statutes that he violated, nor likely his violating a PPO assuming she had one, nor the California assault with a type of handgun statute as I'm not sure what firearm he used, nor other firearms-related statutes that he violated. I have also not looked at the County Ordinances, nor of course have we added in the ultimate felony he committed - murder.

So anti-gunners, do tell what additional law would have stopped him from killing his estranged wife in a gun free zone?

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ProudHillbilly said...

The solution is to make a law against murdering people. Oh, wait...