Saturday, April 15, 2017

Today's A Smoking Day: Brisket

The day started out raining.

I prepped a nice 8 pound Brisket last night, giving it a nice scoring and application of a good spice rub, then into the fridge it went.

Then I fired up the smoker this morning, in the rain, using the hickory wood from Eaton Rapids Joe for the first time.

Once it was going nicely I added, the brisket and closed it up to smoke, and the fresh-cut hickory smoke smelled great.


After a few hours I checked and added more water to the pan, more charcoal and more of that great hickory wood, here''s how it looked before more was added:

Checking the brisket during the refueling shows it's enjoying the smoke quite a bit. It already smells great, but it's hours away from being done.

This brisket is on its way to coming out nicely. We'll see how it does for dinner tonight.

And it came out great, tender with a nice smoky flavor.

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