Tuesday, April 18, 2017

P30 Hits 2,000 Flawless Rounds

Today was a beautiful day.

I had a client I had to see in the morning that just happened to be near the range. I then had a happy idea. Why not go to the range after taking care of the client?

And so I did.

I brought the P30 and the P30Sk along with me. I then shot the plate rack. I started with 15 rounds with two hands to warm up and then decided to work on my one handed shooting, which sure as heck needed some practice. I shot the remaining 135 rounds either strong hand only or weak hand only, with the bulk of it weak hand only as I clearly shot worse with only my weak hand.

100 rounds of Winchester White Box and 50 rounds of Sellier and Bellot 9mm, later the P30 was through its course and had shot 2,000 rounds without a single failure of any kind.

The feed ramp certainly shows the usage:


That's a lot of gunk on there.

Overall though the P30 looks like it could take another 2,000 without missing a beat.

There's some visible wear at the front of the forward slide serrations on the slide, and the barrel has some definite wear marks on the finish but no other wear, aside frrm the layer of gunk inside the gun, is apparent.

2,000 rounds with no failures of any kind. I rather like this firearm quite a bit. I'd say the 2,000 rounds made me quite familiar with shooting it and made me a better shooter as a result.

I'll be giving the P30 a well-deserved cleaning it tonight.

Meanwhile, the P30SK shot 50 flawless rounds of Federal 9mm 115gr (yes I checked the box this time and there were no upside-down primers. So that's 350 now through the P30SK with one FTF (#22), with the FTF not due to the firearm.

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