Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The P30SK - Rounds 1-200.

I had brought the P30Sk out to the range for the first time when Matt came to town.

The P30SK is the compact derivative of the P30, smaller in both the slide and grip, holding 10 rounds in its magazine versus the P30's 15.

The version I had purchased was the V1 LEM and came with night sites and three magazines. Priced decidedly lower than the P30, its a direct competitor to the M&P compacts, the Glock 26 and derivatives and so on.

It's slightly smaller in slide length than the M&P 40c that I own, and it does feel better in the hand grip wise.

So of course I decided to do the 2,000 round test.

I started with a 50-round box of Federal 9mm FMJ.

The first magazine went through perfectly, and the P30SK is a nice easy to shoot pistol and the short grip didn't really affect my shooting.

But on the second magazine - Round 22 Did not fire. With a pronounced click, nothing. Since this was the second magazine ever put through the gun that did not seem auspicious.

Ejecting the round, examining it immediately showed the cause of the stoppage.

Nope this is not the fault of the P30SK. Finishing the box of Federal gave no further problems and then it was on to a 100 round box of Winchester 9mm with no issues.

50 rounds of Speer Gold Dot 124gr then went through without a hiccup.

That's 200 rounds, with 1 stoppage not charged to the gun.

The P30Sk is very easy to both carry with the smaller grip making it easier to conceal, and control while shooting and the smaller grip made it only slightly less easy to shoot than the P30. It has the exact same triggger fel as the P30, same controls and form factor, albeit in a smaller package. No problem clearing the steel plates nor poppers with this at all.

In addition to the 10 round magazines it comes with, the P30SK can also take the P30's magazines as well as the USP Compact 13 round magazines.

So far 200 rounds in I do like it quite a bit.


dmurray said...

Reversed primer. One of those cost me 10 points in a pistol match.

Inspect ammo. I hope you don't get too many like this.

Thanks for the post.

Aaron said...

That was the only issue in the box of 50. I'm going to be careful about the other boxes I bought at the same time just in case.