Friday, April 14, 2017

Matzah Brei, It's What's For Passover Breakfast

So we're about halfway into the festival and celebration of Passover, which means among other things, no bread, no beer, and no whisky until Tuesday night.

So instead of French Toast, this morning I got up early before work, and as the kids have the day off from school as its Good Friday and decided to make them a special breakfast.

Matzah Brei is what French Toast would be when you substitute matzah for bread.

It's very easy to make.

Step one: Get Matzah, about one sheet per person or more if you know they'll be hungry.

Step two: Break up Matzah into chunks and put in bowl. Vary the sizes for a better texture later, not too big though. Then beat some eggs, one per sheet of matzoh in a separate bowl, add a little salt to it and you can add pepper if you're looking for savory over sweet. Today the choice was for sweet.

Step three: Pour some hot water on the Matzah and leave for about 30 seconds. Then drain the water as completely as possible.

Step three: Add the eggs and mix together and let the eggs soak in a bit.

Step four: Fry in a hot pan with oil/butter until crispy. Don't let it burn though.

Step five: Serve with maple syrup -- real maple syrup -- not that fake stuff.


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