Saturday, April 22, 2017

Flying Lesson #116 - More Crosswind Patterns

No stage check for me today.

I turned in my written pre-solo test and then went up with Ray in N1869H.

It was at least a bright sunny day, but the winds were from 030 to 060 and blowing from 8-16 knots so I kinda knew at the outset they wouldn't let me solo in those conditions.

With that happy thought in mind I did the preflight. Ray said he was just going to act as a passenger and I would do everything.

So I did. He didn't need to take the controls at any time in the lesson, but did want a bit more right rudder on a few of the landings while I was slipping it in during a gust or two.

Overall it was fine, landings were decent enough, though some a bit flat-ish, one a bit of a bounce as a gust caught and lifted us the moment right before touchdown and I handled it correctly. A few good landings as well.

Some fun around the pattern as a Super Cub showed off a bit and had fun doing so, and quite a few planes were flitting in and out but no issues and the tower did a great job perfectly spacing everyone.

I got to do another intersection takeoff which is fun.

We finished up and he said I did fine and my crosswind correction was very good and just needed a bit more right rudder on a couple of them. We went over the pattern procedures a bit as he wanted me to tune a few things up and he figures the next hop will be the flying stage check followed by the final checkout and solo - stay tuned but don't get your hopes up any.

1.7 and 10 landings.

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