Saturday, April 29, 2017

NRAAM Day 2 - A Quiet Moment With The CEO Of Gemtech

Gemtech is a maker of some very fine suppressors, indulging my Outback II.

We saw and got to handle an AR15 with the Integra 5.56 installed.

Watching the video its a darn quiet suppressor for a 5.56 that reduced the decibel level to about that of an air rifle whichever is pretty darn useful for protecting your hearing and the suppressor on a 10 inch barrelled AR makes it a pretty compact package.

I saw one of their Patrolman silencers on a Tavor X95 that gave me a serious case of the wantsies.

Murph, Mr. Garibaldi and I had a good chat with the CEO of Gemtech, Ronald Martinez. He gave us a lot of info regarding Gemtech's products but also what he's been hearing about the Hearing Protection Act. He anticipates that the Hearing Protection Act will not pass this year, mainly due to a lack of votes in the Senate.

For the Mosin Nagant owner that has everything, Gemtech has got a silencer for you:


Old NFO said...

Oh damn, now Jim-Jim is going to want one... sigh For the Mosin that is...

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

You know that you wanted that Mosin Nagant. Was fun walking around though, except for that jerk that heckled the spokesman for Rock River.