Friday, December 23, 2016

And Obama Gives The Back Of His Hand To Israel As A Hanukkah Present

Legal Insurrection: UN Security Council Passes Anti-Israel Resolution, U.S. Abstains

Nice - instead of vetoing a pernicious, counterfactual, and one-sided resolution against Israel, the Obama Administration abstained, allowing it to pass.

More than just declaring"settlement" illegal, the way it is drafted would make Israeli control of the Jewish Quarter of the old city of Jerusalem and any territory retaken after 1949 illegal as well. In short it's a one-sided anti-Israel resolution that normally would not have passed as the US, as an honest broker would have vetoed it.

Instead, Obama now that the election is over, decided to get back at Netanyahu and screw Israel.

January 20, 2017 and the end of this reign of error can't come soon enough.


Unknown said...

When Netanyahu decided to meddle in US politics by campaigning for the Republicans, he dared Obama to retaliate. Obama did. Bibi screwed Israel.

Aaron said...

Unknown: Did that happen to be after Obama had interfered in the Israeli election and funded a candidate opposing Netanyahu?

drjim said...

0bummer can't leave the White House soon enough!