Monday, December 19, 2016

That's It! Three Strikes And She's Out!

First Strike: Losing the election.

Second Strike: Losing the recount led by her cats-paw Jill Stein, wiht the recount actually revealing Democrat-led fraud in Detroit and elsewhere (Ironic that a claim of fraud revealed fraud by those who claimed it was occurring, neh?).

Third Strike: Electoral College confirms Trump in face of Democrat pressure to overturn the election (Yes the same electoral college Democrats were complaining about in 1 above the Democrats were then trying by hook or by crook to use to overthrow the election - ironic, isn't it?).

Indeed, the Democrats last stand in Michigan to stop the electors voting for Trump was solidly crushed by reality.

Perhaps the Dems can now move on to the next stage of grief - depression, followed by acceptance as their rather epic episodes of denial, anger, and bargaining (if you call threats of violence bargaining) certainly haven't gotten them anywhere.


OldAFSarge said...

I'm still waiting for them to leave the country and flee to Canada. But then again, I don't want that, I like Canada.

Aaron said...

They always threaten to do it but never do, which is such a pity.