Saturday, December 17, 2016

Jett. In The Snow. On The Driveway.

After another snowfall that went all through the night, I awoke and after a coffee commenced to clear the Driveway of Doom™.

Jett wanted to come out with me so he gallavanted about on the driveway, barking ferociously at the snowblower and daring it to try and catch him.

As you can see, there's a fair bit of snow about. He had fun racing about, digging through the snow and barking away as I cleared the driveway to standard and then I headed off to a flight lesson that was not to end up involving flying.


Unknown said...

He looks like he had a lot more fun than you did.

Mine want nothing to do with this weather, they have started to do the necessary jobs within leash distance of the back door.

I'll have to clean it up later but for now I'm not complaining as I can stand inside the door and at least be out of the wind while they shiver thru the process.

Aaron said...

Jay: That he did. He's perfected his sliding technique on the driveway and had a blast running around. He still wants to get out there, even though if some ice gets in between his paw pads he doesn't like that at all and will favor it until it gets brushed out.