Saturday, December 17, 2016

Not Flying Lesson

Last night with the snow coming down the TAF for Pontiac was predicting lousy weather for this morning - snow, rain, low viz so i halfway expected the lesson to be cancelled.

After clearing off the Driveway of Doom™ and putting Jett back in the house and drying him off I headed to Pontiac for a scheduled flight with Ray as the weather had cleared at least enough for some pattern work. My clearing of the driveway was clearly merited and I made it down without incident. However, to say the roads were terrible would be an understatement, many looked like they had not been cleared at all and I was driving in ruts.

So it took awhile to get to KPTK and when I got there I saw this:

It's kinda snowed in and the taxiways are not yet cleared.

Worse, on closer inspection under the snow was:

A pretty solid layer of ice on the windscreen, wing, and horizontal stabilizer which means no flying for you.

We then were able to tow N73455 and N757MK into the hanger, where they should have been overnight really but for various reasons were not. Once in the hanger they defrosted nicely but not in time for my lesson and that student owes me a beer for the prep work.

At this point I'm kinda stymied - it would have easily taken at least 2 hours to just get to Crosswinds today given the roads and the weather made any planning for such a flight rather iffy anyways - driving 2 hours there and 2 back if a flight is cancelled will suck mightily, but Flight 101 is screwing the pooch here nicely as well. Then again, even if they had the plane in the hanger getitng it to the runway would have been iffy considering the taxiways were not cleared yet so it may have just not been my day to go flying. On the upside I did save money by not flying... I have a solo flight set for next weekend and we'll see what the weather brings.

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Murphy's Law said...

I hope you charged them for being their personal ramp rat and tug bitch. They should have moved that thing inside before the weather. Shoddy operation.