Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Winter Is Really Here

So I get home at 6:40 tonight after a long day at work and find out the road in front of my house has turned into a solid sheet of ice.

Since it's dark, that's not readily apparent until I slide right past my house. So I'm able to stop, back up and then get up my driveway which is still wonderfully clean, an interesting contrast in the difference between private and public property that.

Just got back from walking the dog in this sudden cold snap. At 10 degrees F with a real feel of -1F, it felt pretty darn cold. It was cold enough that the beer Casey gave me from his fridge tasted warm by comparison as we stood out there and watched the dogs play. Shorts The Double Magician is a red double London style ale which is rather tasty and probably the best Shorts product I've quaffed yet.

Meanwhile, as we were being warmed by the fridge-cold beer, Jett had figured out how to make Rocky actively play with him - he made sure to go stand right near Casey and bark which causes Rocky to charge at him to "protect" his owner. This worked very well the whole time to make sure Rocky's attention was on Jett so they could get some good running and wrestling in.

So the dogs having played themselves out, I've returned to the warmth of home to check in for the night and prepare for court tomorrow.

Winter has truly dropped in with a vengeance after giving us a darn pleasant November and early December, with absolutely no build up. One day it was feeling like autumn, the next it was 12 inches of snow followed by freezing cold. A little global warming to melt this ice rink where a road once stood would not go unappreciated..

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