Sunday, December 04, 2016

A Bright Idea - A Pack Of Lights

As days get shorter, dog walking gets colder and people drive even stupider it was time to get a better flashlight for walking the dog and other duties. The cheapy ones I was using were the multi tiny LED type with the 3 AAA battery insert and were only good for letting a car know you're there but not enough to actually see what you're doing. It was free, but still.

So on Black Friday I decided to take a chance and ordered from Amazon the Goldenguy 5 Pack Mini Cree Q5 LED Flashlight Torch 7w 350lm Adjustable Focus Zoomable Light (Black). For the price, which then was $13 and even now is still very good at $18 for a five pack of lights, I figured it would be worth the risk.

I was pleasantly surprised when I received them to find that every single one of them worked.

As an upgrade its impressive - 350 lumen and with a single AA battery its single rectangular Cree LED throws and impressive amount of light. Excellent visibility in the dark, the focussable light can be broadened into a round beam or tightened into the square focused ray of light to really punch through the darkness. The strobe function is pretty good to let cars with their highbeams on blinding you know that you're there and get their attention away from their cell phones.

The case is rather a heavy duty feeling aluminum and has the weapon-light style frame with push button on the rear and an rectangular instep on the tube for holding it in a fist for illumination, or punching with it should such a thing be needed and the bezel has a few sharp points for such a use.

For $2.60 (now $3.60) a light they're practically disposable for what used to cost twenty times that. I've replaced the crappy flashlight in my car, and the dog walking jacket, and now each member of the family also has a bright pocket-sized flashlight with impressive illumination to carry around.

Not a bad deal at all.


juvat said...

Thanks, just purchased them (for $10.50+ free shipping) on Amazon. A little worried about my ladies travelling around without some form of lighting. Seemed perfect for pocket and purse.

Old NFO said...

Stocking stuffer!!! :-)

JayNola said...

Went specifically to buy for stocking stuffers. Won't ship til after Christmas now...

Aaron said...

juvat: It fits nicely in a pocket and mine just stood up to blowing wet snow last night with no ill effects.

Old NFO: Yep, they maje great gifts.

JayNola: Interesting I think it depends form what computer you log in from - I checked after you posted and my home computer said not available until after, but via my phone it says they will be delivered before Christmas - go figure.