Sunday, December 11, 2016

Of Snow Pics And Horses

The snow continues to fall and it's been doing so without pause all day.

I'd say we've cleared 9 inches and they figure it will be at least 12 by morning.

I've had to clear the driveway three times today so Tash could get to and from work and so we could return from an important event.

The event was for Leah.  She had her first Horse Schooling Show where she competed in judged events and demonstrated what she's learned having started horse riding at the stable in September.

She did very well indeed:

A first place in overall equitation for her level, and third in pole pile equitation.

She rode her favorite horse at the stable, Chief, an Appaloosa of excellent temperament and enthusiasm. 

 After her great results from all her hard work, we went out for a bite then came home and I cleared off the Driveway of Doom yet again and we got the car into the garage. This was more complicated due to the plow leaving one heckuva snow berm at the entry to the driveway. I got a good workout in today.

As requested, here's a shot of the snow as it currently lies.

The things I'll happily do for my readers.... Stay tuned for more exciting snow clearing news and reports of my aching muscles to follow.

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