Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sunday Miscellaneous Day

Woke up and did the driveway yet again as another thin layer of global warming fell upon it overnight, requiring cleaning to make it passable. On the upside its a good workout and now that the yellow ball in the sky has finally deigned to visit, the remainder of the snow has melted off, hurried along by a decent application of ice melter making my driveway now both passable.

Next I headed off to teach the legal portion of another NRA Instructor's CPL class. A good class of six serious students and they listened well, asked good questions and enjoyed the presentation and are now briefed on Michigan's CPL and deadly force laws, which is good.

Then it was home repair time. The water feed tube for the humidifier had snapped in half when I went to change the filter. The tube, being semi-flexible plastic, broke as the filter was being put back in, which was pretty annoying as it broke under almost no pressure. A replacement was ordered via Amazon and I changed it out with a new tube assembly including the brass nut and plastic lock washer. Now it works with no leaks (so far nayways) and we'll no longer be giving off static shocks soon. Overall, not as bad a repair as I feared.

Lots of little things getting done today.

I think i'll do a little dry-firing to celebrate the lack of leaks before we head out to a family holiday party this evening.

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