Friday, December 30, 2016

Jett's First Trip To TO

We're spending The New Year in Toronto with family. 

Abby had her best friend from New York over with us in Michigan for the past 5 days and we took her with us to Toronto to meet up with her folks and transfer her back to her parents.  They had a great time together and they're great kids.

This was also Jett's first international trip and he had his first border crossing in the back of the SUV and he enjoyed the trip albeit being rather tightly squished in along with the rest of us - five people, one dog and luggage made for a tight fit.  He traveled like a champ and had a good time.

Jett on his first walk around Toronto found this sign rather offensive:

Why U No Like Jets?
Basically the No Jets TO group is your typical Baptist and Bootlegger coalition in action - developers would love to get their hands on Toronto Island Airport, but to keep it viable, Porter Airlines is proposing having some rather quiet commuter jets operate from the airport, which is not SWPL.  So, the developers and BANANA types are conjuring up the false image of big loud bad jets disturbing people's property values.  Basic nonsense, but it may prove to be effective which would be bad as once I get my private pilots license,  flights to CYTZ will be a given.

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