Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday At The Oakland County Fair Redux

Since we had so much fun last week at the fair, we decided to go again today. Natasha had a friend in town so it was just me and the girls.

It was a lot less crowded than the 4th of July weekend which allowed for both more exploration and a lot more ride time.

Since it was less crowded, we got to explore more of the barns and saw a lot more exhibits including:

Future Steak of America:

Bacon Bits:

The rare Alpaca-doodle:

And, a very cute baby camel:

Then we did multiple rides multiple times - the Ferris wheel at least five times, the kiddie roller coaster at least that many, multiple trips through fun-houses and lots of other rides. Happily, they had my favorite ride, the Cliff Hanger.

In contrast to St. Mary's fair, and possibly due to the lesser crowds of the day, it seemed that each ride went on for longer than a similar ride did at the St. Mary's fair - for example, the kiddie coaster went around 9 times each ride here compared to about 5 at St. Mary's. For the Cliff Hanger, not only did it go around much longer, it went measurably faster - I wasn't dizzy getting off the ride at St. Mary's but certainly was for this go-round - still a heckuva lot of fun indeed being stirred but not shaken.

It was a hot day though, so the girls got their money's worth out of the bottomless cups of chocolate milk that was cleverly hosted in an air-conditioned building, and each received multiple re-applications of sun screen.

We took a lunch break - Abby and I shared a Texas BBQ Chopped Beef in sauce sandwich that was awesome, and Leah had a corn dog.

The BBQ was excellent, smoked on the premises with a scent that reached the top of the Ferris wheel and drew us to it like moths to a flame. The corn dog - well what more can you say than it is a perfect hot dog - on a stick! It doesn't get much better than that, especially with its corn shell perfectly cooked and not over or underdone in the least.

Then we went to see a demo by the Jumpin' All-Stars competitive jump-rope team. They were pretty darn awesome - doing a cartwheel without missing a beat while skipping, skipping across a line of five other jumpers, stuff like that. Then the team let the audience come up and Abby and Leah both gave double-rope jumping a try and had a lot of fun.

A few more rides and another cooling break and some more chocolate milk and then we headed off to swim at a friend's beach lot. Then, once we were totally wiped we headed home and another great day was done.

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