Monday, July 15, 2013

Don't Confuse Rochelle "Race All The Time" Riley With The Facts

While Zimmerman was properly acquitted, the acquittal has now opened a firestorm of racial hand-wringers and chest-thumpers throughout the land and here in Detroit it's no different.

Rochelle Riley kicks off her hand-wringing article in The Detroit Free Press with the following question: What do we have to do so George Zimmerman and others get it? Not all black boys are dangerous

I daresay Trayvon trying to bash George's head in on the concrete gave George a particular suspicion that Trayvon in particular was indeed dangerous. Indeed George got it quite well.

She then begins her column with:

Just minutes after the verdict, my fingers searched for the keyboard. I wanted to write about how black America must find a way to get people to see our boys and tell the difference ...

... between thugs and altar boys.

... between gangsters and kids in the National Honor Society.

... between pimps and boys too shy to ask the girls they like to the prom.

But I stopped, closed my computer and prayed. Because that’s not the proper response to the Zimmerman verdict.

Here’s the proper response: Why do I have to convince the George Zimmermans of the world that not all black boys are dangerous, that not all black people are dangerous?

It's quite simple really dear Rochelle: Tell the kids to A) Not act like a thug; B) Not dress like a thug; and C) Don't attack people like a thug, and then people won't regard them as dangerous.

For the record, Trayvon Martin, as much as Rochelle contrary to all the evidence tries to put him on a pedestal, was clearly not an altar boy, nor a member of the National Honor Society, nor too shy to ask someone out to the prom. T

Instead Trayvon was a thug, a drug user, possibly a drug dealer, in possession of stolen jewelry and a burglar tool and was suspended from school at the time he tried to tap dance with Zimmerman's head. That Rochelle willfully ignores all the evidence as to who the real Trayvon was speaks volumes abouyt her racial blindside.

It's simple Rochelle - don't let you children grow up to act like the Trayvons of this world, be a parent and insist they do well in school and don't do crime, and they'll be fine.

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ProudHillbilly said...

And here's another hint to the black community - stop creating and making excuses for fatherless homes. Give young blacks decent, upstanding role models to follow instead of roving tom-cat men and dysfunctional drug addled rappers.