Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dirty Democrat Election Deeds, Detroit-Style

Mike Duggan, the Great White Hope of Detroit, is running for mayor as a write-in candidate, having been booted off the ballot due to machinations by his rivals and his mistake in filing early.

As I predicted, Duggan is going to have problems considering the average Detroiter doesn't write. He's about to have another problem - most Detroiter's can't spell either.

Out of the depths of Detroit, a new candidate has just emerged from nowhere as a write in to join Mike Duggan on the ballot - Mike Dugeon. The Detroit Free Press: New Detroit mayoral candidate Mike Dugeon likely to cause confusion for Mike Duggan supporters

Adding a potential spoiler to Duggan’s long-shot write-in candidacy for mayor, a Detroit barber this morning filed to run as a write-in under his name, Mike Dugeon.

If he’s at all serious about politics, he certainly hadn’t shown it until this morning.

City elections records indicate that Dugeon, at 30, has never voted and even though he registered to vote in time to re-elect Barack Obama in last year’s presidential election, Dugeon didn’t bother. What’s more, a website for his campaign hastily put up this morning says very little about what kind of campaign he’s running, what he supports or what he’d do if elected.

I suspect a rival Democrat front-runner paid up to put up Dungeon as a shill candidate to siphon off write-in votes from Duggan and to allow for ballot challenges of the write-in votes based on handwriting.

Democrat Election gaming at its finest, and what's best is that this is Democrat-on-Democrat action. Imagine the dastardly Democrat dirty deeds if a Republican dared run....

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