Saturday, July 13, 2013

No Really, Stop Touching It, You'll Only Shoot Yourself in City Hall.

Familiarity not only breeds contempt, it also causes ouchies.

The Detroit News: Warren city employee accidentally shoots self in city hall

A city worker is recovering Saturday after a gun he accidentally shot himself with a gun he was carrying

The incident occurred 10 a.m. Friday when the 62 year old electrical inspector was on the third floor of city hall in the restroom.

The man, whom police are not identifying, was carrying a semi-automatic .45 caliber. It appears he took the weapon out of a holster while he was using the restroom and as he was trying to re-holster the weapon it discharged, said Warren Police Commissioner Jere Green.

The bullet went into his hip and hit his femur, splitting into two pieces. One piece lodged above his knee and one piece below it, said Green.

Of course this leads to politicians in Warren advocating for more restrictions, never-mind they can already by law restrict their own employees form carrying should they so choose. Thanks electrical inspector guy.

Mayor Jim Fouts said state lawmakers have made it difficult for the city to have policies to prevent guns at city hall.

“The legislature has superseded the city on this issue,” said Fouts.

Fouts said he would ask the city attorney for an opinion on whether a new policy can be instituted.

Look, the holster is the proper place for a firearm, so leave it in the holster even if you're going to the bathroom and don't play with it. If your holster won't retain it when you go, then get another holster.


Keads said...

Ahhh! The stupid, it burns!

ProudHillbilly said...

Um, being female, I kinda relate to this, although I'm real careful. See, when you drop your drawers, the gun in holster pulls down and pulls the belt out of its loops.

Which is why I leave my gun with someone when I'm at the range and have to hit the outhouse. I don't care how much that gun costs - it drops in THERE and it can just stay there. I'm not going after it.