Thursday, July 04, 2013

Independence Day Doings

After the kids let us sleep in for once, we awoke made coffee and I made an omelet so we would all have energy for the day.

We then got in the car and headed to the Oakland County Fair.

The fair featured a real circus complete with elephants.

Considering that elephants are Abby's favorite animal, she was thrilled.

There were also Lions and Tigers, but no bears.

But they did have camels:

There were also some acrobatics as well.

After the show, Abby was more thrilled when we paid for her to take a ride on an elephant. Leah, for her part, took a ride on a pony.

Next we saw a farm animal show that included a goat miking demonstration, baby lambs and pigs and a border collie that could flip around in the air and catch freebees with joy.

Next, we went into the miracle of birth exhibit and in addition to baby pigs, chicks, and goats, we saw some Obama voters:

Then we went to the exhibit hall to see all the county fair winners. There were lots of interesting crafts on display from canned goods to quilts and fabric art as well as 4H student science experiments:

When you have an award-winning exhibit titled "Bacon vs. Bacon", everybody wins.

After the fair we came home, and Abby and Leah worked hard to make appropriately themed desserts for our Independence Day BBQ. While I was grilling chicken and vegetable kabobs, they made these:

Now we're waiting for dusk and some fireworks. A great day.

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