Saturday, July 13, 2013

Zimmerman Not Guilty

The system worked - based on the evidence this was self-defense and he was properly found not guilty. Of course, the travesty is the politics and media that drummed-up the unjustified outrage that required the system to take to trial a case that had already been thoroughly investigated and already found to be self-defense.

I'm sure the Home Owner's Association is now kicking itself for agreeing to settle for allegedly over seven figures with the Martin family for their thug son.

Kudos to some excellent defense counsel, and kudos to Mr. Ben Kruidbos for following the law by revealing the existence of the extensive test messages when the prosecutors tried to hide the evidence in violations of both the law and ethics rules. If anything, it's Mr. Kruidbos who deserves a big settlement for being unjustly fired for fulfilling both his and the prosecutor's office's legal and ethical duties in this case.

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