Monday, July 08, 2013

Duggan To Try A Run As Mayor For Detroit As A Write-In Candidate? WCPGW?

Mike Duggan, Detroit's Great White Hope and likely last, best chance for a competent mayor, after being kicked off the ballot in a legal maneuver from his foes, is now trying to be a write-in candidate.

He's now being legally challenged as to his eligibility to even be a write in candidate: Lawsuit challenges Duggan as write-in candidate for Detroit mayor's race

Forget about the legal challenge for a moment. He's got a far greater obstacle.

Duggan's biggest challenge as a write-in candidate for Mayor of Detroit is simple: Most voters in Detroit can't write.

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Scott said...

Uh ohhh. Bet you get a few drive-by flamings for that one!

Well, he said his first step has to be an educational campaign to teach folks how to correctly do a write-in ballot - perhaps that is what he means?