Saturday, July 06, 2013

Obama's Brave New Middle East Shambles

Obama's foreign policy is looking more like the worst features of Jimmy Carter's every day, and that's not good.

Obama ignored the Egyptian people's protests against Morsi and still ignores the Turkish people's plight and protests under the Islamist Ergodan and seems to blithely sit on the sidelines tacitly supporting Muslim Brotherhood dominated governments, or any other government that holds itself counter to America's rather than Obama's interests.

USA Today: Obama 'deeply concerned' about Egypt military

Interesting how Obama was not deeply concerned about the Muslim Brotherhood making a mess out of Egypt.

Leftists like Obama and co tend to loathe the military, unless it is doing their bidding.

As such they viscerally hate the idea of military coups against out of control governments that run counter to their own constitutions, especially leftist type governments.

Obama was against the military acting against the extra-constitutional actions of the President in Honduras, against the Turkish military intervening against the Islamists in Turkey and now seems to be poised to come out against the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt or through action or inaction.

This administration has no problem taking action or committing acts of indifference that run counter to America's best interests in the region, and it's going to be hard for Obama to avoid a knee-jerk reaction against the Egyptian Military restoring stability to Egypt and its cracking down on the anti-American Muslim Brotherhood.

While Obama is busy trying to figure out how to lead from behind on these events, he'll be busy speechifying about how the Egyptian military should be turning power over to the people as quickly as possible.

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