Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday At St. Mary's Fair

As we do every Memorial Day weekend, we go to the United States' biggest High School Fair at Orchard Lake St. Mary's.

As before, its a fun boisterous place packed with rides, food, and fun.

Abby and Leah are now that much older and can enjoy more of the rides.

The kids did the tea cups, bumblebee, and kid roller coaster like last year, all with me aboard with them.

But this year, Abby was big enough for the Cliff Hanger, so I finally got to give it a try:

On this ride you lie on your front looking down with your hands on a bar and a security cage locking you in place.

Then it lifts off and starts rotating.

And then it gets higher until you're way up there, only to swoop down again and then climb back up.

Abby was hesitant on the first ride but she did it, loved it and then demanded to go again. That's my girl.

That was a very fun (and high at the apex) ride, and I highly recommend it.

After a nice Polish lunch, followed by more rides, we went home.

Then some friends came over and we had a nice dinner with the kids outside and the adults in and had a very pleasant evening of conversation.

The kids left some remains of the meal on the back deck, so we had a little visitor right after they came inside:

He left the deck quite spotless then went off on his way.

A fine day indeed.

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