Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Detroit Dizzily Dances Round De Drain

As noted by Right Michigan, Detroit is teetering on the edge of Chapter 9 bankruptcy: The Corpse Is Still In The Morgue. Go read it to get a full realization as to how badly messed up the corrupt Democrat dominated city is in reality now that they can't hide the true picture anymore.

Right now, as reported in The Detroit Free Press the EFM is giving it 6 weeks to see if Detroit can be fixed by anything less than filing bankruptcy>

Oh, and the amount of Detroit's outstanding liabilities revealed so far is now up to $15 Billion.

40 years of Democrat corruption and neglect has destroyed a city.

You can read the EFM's Financial and Operating Plan report in all its sobering glory at the Detroit Free Press.


ProudHillbilly said...

It was sad to see street after street of what were obviously grand houses crumbling. And the streets so empty. We're used to Baltimore ghetto - people always around. And now that it's in such bad condition, how are they ever going to get people to come back?

Aaron said...


Yes indeed it's a sad sight to see what it has become. They need to start ceding territory that they can't manage or keep up. Create a Detroit Township free of the corruption and one party rule and its legacy of waste and neglect with a good portion of the area and start over.

Old NFO said...

Excellent links, and it's a showplace alright... showplace in the BAD way to do things! And how far behind are Chicago, Philly and LA???

Aaron said...

To the commenter that uses the Sandra L..... name:

While I welcome yours and others comments, and typically have a hands-off approach to comments, your username is clearly defamatory.

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