Sunday, May 26, 2013

Stockholm Riots Continue, Detroit Media Continues To Ignore Them, And Swedish Socialist Have The Answer

Riots continue in Stockholm with not a mention in either the Detroit News nor the Detroit Free Press. One would think it was news-worthy by now, but not to either of those august institutions.

The Swedes are continuing to treat the rioters with kid-gloves and announcing they will take only minimal measures against the rioters. By failing to crack down after 6 nights the riots simply carry on. As expected, the news simply refers to the rioters as immigrants but says that community and religious leaders were trying to stem the violence...but the report fails to name that religion nor that community:

Of course, the Swedish socialists seem to have the answer. It's an insane answer, but it's the only answer their ideology has:

When you try to willingly and with conviction push your own culture and identity out of existence, you're done.

While Tam seems to think the Euros will go from zero to jackboots in the face of such rioting in the grand old European style, it looks instead like the chicken Swedes will race to appease and surrender as quickly as possible.

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