Wednesday, May 08, 2013

We'll Have Nun Of That

The Detroit Free Press: Nun, protesters guilty in nuclear plant break-in

A federal jury has found an 83-year-old nun and two fellow protesters guilty of breaking into the Y-12 National Security Complex and defacing a uranium processing plant.

Guilty of both damaging federal property and interfering with national security.

Breaking into a nuclear weapons plant should result in very high penalties. Clearly security at the site needs to be improved, as does the kid-glove response approach to intruders.


Expatriate Owl said...

And if some people broke into the cenacle where Sister Megan's Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus live, vandalized the place, were arrested and convicted, and then said that they were not remorseful about it, would Sister Megan and her Sisters be supportive of the convicted defendants?

Aaron said...

Hm, she lives in a cenacle?

Figures she's unconventional considering she's protesting nuclear weapons.