Wednesday, May 01, 2013

You Would Think The Response Would Be 100% Against......

But then, you'd be wrong.

In an article in the Detroit Free Press titled Survey finds Muslims in U.S., abroad differ, that details a survey extolling the differences between Muslims in America and those abroad we get an interesting data point.

The result of the response to the question regarding suicide bombings of civilians was the following:

Views of Muslims worldwide were closer on the issue of violence. Most Muslims reject suicide bombings and violence against civilians, the surveys found, including 81 percent of American Muslims and 72 percent of Muslims in Africa, Asia and Europe.

This means that 19% of American Muslims are apparently in favor of suicide bombings and violence directed at civilians, as opposed to 28% worldwide - only 9 percent less in favor of such attacks in the land of the free.

With a Muslim population in the USA estimated at 2.5 Million, that makes around 475,000 American Muslims that are not opposed to such. That's a very significantly sized population in favor of such attacks from which future attackers can be supported and emerge to pose a major threat.

After all, it only took two actives plus some as yet unidentified support to shut down a major city last month....

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