Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Don't Greenlight Red Light Cameras In Michigan

Red Light Cameras are more about revenue than their claimed benefit of traffic safety.

Of course, in these revenue hungry times, even a Michigan Republican is pushing to allow communities to install them:

The Detroit News: Bill would let Michigan install red-light cameras

A measure recently introduced by Republican Rep. Wayne Schmidt of Traverse City would give local communities the power to put cameras in place.

I'm sad to see a Republican pushing for what is solely a revenue enhancing measure (that will likely decrease traffic safety at the expense of Michigan drivers. Shame on Wayne Schmidt for proposing such a stupid idea.

How do we know its simply a revenue grab? Well, under the details of the bill as reported:

Drivers wouldn't be penalized for citations that result from the camera on their driving record or toward their insurance.

Not about safety, just about increased revenue from fines. If passed, except communities that adopt them to start manipulating traffic light timing to catch more drivers going through red lights.

Michigan shouldn't succumb to such foolishness under the allure of some revenue from red-light fines.


Six said...

I spent more than 10 years of my 24 year career as a traffic officer and fatal accident investigator. Red Light Cameras Decrease Safety. I know you said that but it bears repeating. With the cameras come, eventually but inevitably, shorter and shorter yellows. Shorter yellows means more trying their hand at the beat the light game. Accidents, injuries and fatalities will be the end result. This stuff purely pisses me off.

Aaron said...


Well said, and you're exactly right.

It's always nice when a professional concurs with my opinion on a subject.