Thursday, August 30, 2012

Text Not Pics Of Yer Hoo-Hah, Lest They Arise In Discovery To Embarrass Thee

Just a quick word to those who need it, and I expect my regular readers don't, being smarter than the average smartphone user, but for those who stumble upon this blog:

Look - taking naked pictures of yourself, or closeups of certain, shall we say, private parts of yourself, or parts of yourself meshed with parts of others, and then texting them to your friend with benefits so they can remember the moment is just not a good idea.

Taking video of the intimate moment and sending it on is an even worse idea (Look, when someone says they want to take a video of you in a compromising position and promise not to show it to anyone else and that no one else will never, ever see it - they're lying. Trust me on this.)

More worse still is to send such things to someone who you then become entangled with in a lawsuit that anyone outside the two of you could have seen coming a mile away.

Its an even worse idea when you also have multiple statements and admissions relative to the case in your texts, making all the texts discoverable.

This then forces your attorney to have to go through these texts and look for discoverable and relevant evidence, thus being exposed to things they really don't want to see while they discover the other side admitting to all sorts of legally significant things in the texts.

Ick. Eww. Yuck. I now need brain floss, and probably brain bleach.

Thankfully, in this case both idiots are way above the age of consent so we don't have a really serious problem with the texts. They're bad enough as is.

So please, practice safe text.

Your attorneys and your later self image when you get over how stupid you were will thank you.

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