Sunday, August 05, 2012

Michigan 2012 GSSF Match Report

This year I again attended the GSSF match in Brighton Michigan.

I'm happy to report that I did much better than last year and I'm quite pleased with my overall performance.

In addition to shooting, I also volunteered to help setup and RO at the match and had a good time (if really hot and humid) doing so.

It was a darn good time. I arrived early way before the match start and then after assisting with more of the setup acted as a floating RO, mainly keeping an eye on the off-line activity. Since a lot of GSSF-ers are very new shooters, they typically don't understand that a designated "Safe area" is only for handling unloaded firearms and no ammunition can be out and being fondled. So I would politely request that they remove the ammo from the area and that they could load on any of the other open tables. Similarly, I had to keep people from opening up their boxes and pulling out their guns in the "no-gun handling" areas. Everybody took it well and as usual if you're polite others will act polite as well.

Of course there was the days designated "that guy" present - an older fellow, newer Glock shooter and was accompanied by an experienced competitior that really should have kept him under better supervision. I had requested "that guy" clear the ammo off the safe area at the 5 to Glock range and he did. But sure enough about 50 minutes later I'm at the Glock'M range and that guy goes yet again to the marked Safe Area table (each safe area table has a huge sign in red letters "SAFE AREA") and starts loading ammo with his gun out on the table, again. Sheesh.

One bit of fun while shooting the match was that I would float as an RO to each range as I waited to shoot - helping paste, score keep, or run the timer as needed and spell the assigned RO's there, run and get more targets etc. Lots of fun. I would then shoot my course of fire and head off to the next event.

I was very happy with my Glock The Plates times this year. Unlike the fiasco last year, not a plate was left standing in all 8 runs (I shot 2 divisions). Three of the 6 runs were sub-six seconds for all 6 plates down, with the quickest being 5.16 which I'm quite happy with.

The Glock'M and 5 to Glock were similarly very good - decent times, no misses on any target and only a few D hits with the majority of shots in the A zone. While I certainly didn't set the world on fire and I'm sure I did not win the match, I was quite satisfied with my improved performance.

Once I was done with my course of fire I was assigned to RO one of the Glock'M ranges and was either score keep or timer for the afternoon.

A truly excellent match.

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